We are pleased to announce a new partnership with SCJunction and Manhattan

B-Connect Partners with Supply Chain Junction to Power Manhattan’s Solutions in Egypt

B-Connect, the electronic arm of H.O Group, announces the starting of a prosperous partnership with Supply Chain Junction (SCJ), the GEO partner for Manhattan associate in Africa and the Middle East. Accordingly, this partnership positions B-Connect as a services partner for SCJ to ensure the highest level of deployment for Manhattan Associates solutions in Egypt, with vast capabilities and proficient experience in automating and supply chain warehouses of HO Group companies across Egypt. B-connect also owns a group of experts in logistic warehouses, comprised of the largest technical support team consisting of 150 technical support engineers.

Supply Chain Junction provides best-in-class supply chain software tailored to a wide range of requirements and functions across Africa and the Middle East. Utilizing the Manhattan Associates solution set, SCJ leverages its 20 plus years’ experience and partnership with Manhattan Associates to implement and support warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, order management systems, and omnichannel distribution solutions which provide enable companies to ensure a supply chain advantage.

Ayman Hossam, CEO of H.O Group said “H.O Group is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Africa and the Middle East, including companies UCP, UCTD and MEC, additionally we own Vetopharm pharmaceutical factory. We have over 15,000 employees, 42% market share and 123 distribution points. Since its inception in the Egyptian market 46 years ago, it has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected brands in the region. We honor our partnership with SCJ to serve our country and implement Manhattan’s Solutions in our newly established pharmaceutical 3PL business through our technical arm, B-Connect.

Michael Badwi, Chief Business Officer of Supply Chain Junction added “We have been servicing Africa and the Middle East since 2002 and are very excited with our partnership with H.O Group through B-Connect, as one of the major leading companies in Egypt. We look forward to supporting and assisting them improve the efficiency of its warehouse operations, optimizing their supply chain and meeting the challenges of shifting consumer expectations”.

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B-CONNECT successfully qualified to represent Manhattan associate which will enrich the Egyptian and other north African supply chain business with cutting edge technology. We believe that Manhattan Associates is the most qualified vendor for your project for the following key reasons: Manhattan is the leading WMS provider in the Industry – Manhattan is the largest WMS supplier in the industry with over 5000 WMS implementations.
Leading supply chain companies choose Manhattan Associates because we understand the challenges that they encounter every day and allow them to benefit from an Integrated Logistics Solution that gives them the deep domain functionality, flexibility and control needed to respond in real time to the industry’s ever-changing competitive landscape. The result is streamlined distribution, enhanced resource utilization, increased supply chain visibility and improved corporate performance.

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Manhattan has been providing warehouse management solutions since 1990. We have over 1200 customers which include some of the largest and most successful companies across the globe.

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